About Us

Welcome to ChaseCam, a division of Chase Vision, LLC.   Corporate offices for Chase Vision, LLC are located in Tennessee.

Chase Vision, LLC started in March 2014. We have taken over the production and licensing from Chase Product Development, Inc. which was in business from 2001 until 2013. Our background was designing products for the military since 1977. We were the integrator and developer for the MX Missile program video security system. We helped design many products for the military, so it was no accident that when we decided to make a solid state video system in 2002, it would be rugged and well designed.

ChaseCam is a registered trademark of Chase Vision, LLC. PDR is a registered trademark of Chase Vision, LLC.

ChaseCam was founded by Randy Chase in 1997, developing camera mounts for amateur motorsports. We developed the world’s first affordable and rugged solid state recorder in 2003, the PDR100, selling over 10,000 PDR100 recorders over the following 12 years. We invented the hands free operation in 2007. We created the multi-camera with data DIVA in 2008. We released the DIVA HD in 2011. We released DIVA HD-SDI in 2014. And we released the PDR Pro in early 2017. We are not done innovating.

We are passionate about engineering. We are passionate about design. We are passionate about our products.

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