ChaseCam understands the Arrive and Drive market. We get it. We know what you need and we developed our latest product with those needs in mind. You need rugged, easy to use, automatic recording, and multiple cameras.


First goal is to reduce labor. What is okay for one racer to do at the end of his race, is not okay when it is done hundreds and thousands of times. We get it.

The second goal is happy customers. They want video proof. They want reliable. They do not want to get home to find they have no video. They want HD quality to show on their large TV to their family and friends. They want something they can proudly show off.

Third goal is rugged and reliable. You do not want to be messing around with equipment. Just install it and forget about it.

Fourth goal is marketing and branding. Each video is a marketing channel for you to promote. Do not waste that opportunity.


So how did we do? Our new PDR PRO model has the following features:

Multiple HD 720P video streams. One showing the forward vision. One showing the driver.

Simple. Insert the SD card. The unit can be set to automatic record on motion so it is always recording when the car is being driven. When the car is stopped, take out the SD card and insert it in a branded thumb drive adapter and hand it to the customer. Done.

Verification. Wifi link to a smart phone or tablet to verify the video.

No special codes. No special media. No royalty payments. You own the product and the media. Just supply your own branded thumb drives or use any from your suppliers. You own the equipment. NO ROYALTIES TO US. Your profit center is not my profit center!

Let’s add it up:

  • We are cheaper than the competition.
  • We provide a superior product.
  • The dual HD video is superior.
  • No post processing.
  • Use your own thumb drives. Put your logo on them to add more branding.
  • You get marketing for your organization every time someone watches the video.
  • Instant customer verification improves the experience and reduces refunds.
  • You don’t have to pay us a royalty.

We know we hit this one out of the park. Let us prove it to you. We are happy to meet up with you for a personal demo.