ChaseCam has been tested and used in jets and planes over the years. We made sure our products were designed to run off aircraft power and we can use in-cockpit communication into our recorder (and mixed with ambient sound). We are happy to provide products to ROTORCRAFT, AEROBATICS, FLIGHT TRAINING, FLIGHT TOURS, GEOSPATIAL RECORDING, AND AIRBORNE LAW ENFORCEMENT.

We are system of choice for a European countries Air Force. We are used in New Zealand rescue helicopters. We are used by a number of “Arrive and Fly” companies.

Check out new PDR PRO and our DVR as the best systems for air craft use. We are much less expensive than our competition, and we provide much better support and service. Were you left hanging by your previous video recorder supplier? We support our customers.

Get dual HD video, GPS data, elevation, speed, and more.



Sample video from our DIVA HD