Commute Cam

Dash Cams make sense in today’s world. But nobody wants to hassle with pushing buttons and using their smart phones for recording. You want something you can install and forget. You want totally hands free so it records all the time you are driving and recording continuously so it saves all the previous 8 hours or even more, all in HD with GPS if you want data!

Stuff happens when you are driving. And it then becomes an issue of “he said, she said.” Replace opinion with fact.

We offer various levels of commuter camera recording.

The ChaseCam system can be installed anywhere in the car. Under the seat, in the glovebox. Hidden. Run a small wire to the camera between the rear view mirror and the windshield. If you are using two cameras, run one camera from the back window. Set the unit to power on automatically when you turn on the car. Set the unit to always record when on, or to always record when moving. Set the unit to record continuously (recycle mode). Then forget about it until that time you need the video.

Useful for due diligence and legal protection. A small investment that can save you far more in legal expenses and court awards. Stop opportunistic law suits in their tracks. How can you operate in today’s litigious environment, with the potential for a large loss, without arming yourself with recording?