DVR – Dual Video Recorder

Quick Snapshot:  The ChaseCam DVR is a small, rugged, dual camera recorder that can record two separate wired HD cameras as separate video files.  It can record automatically on receiving power and automatically save the files when power is removed.  Recording is to a MicroSD card that can be as large as 128gb (~22 hours of video).  Includes built in accelerometer and GPS receiver.  External microphone.  Splash resistant packaging.  Can run off external 5V or internal battery (4 hours).  Does not offer PIP or splitscreen or real time data overlay (see our PDR Pro line for those features).

The DVR was developed using ChaseCam firmware, first developed for our legacy DIVA product line.  The DVR represents the state of the art dual camera HD recording system.
Dual Video Mode:  Automatically record two HD camera feeds @ 720p into two files.  Records in 15 minute increments.  As one file ends, another one is started until the card is full.

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Feature List:

  • Dual HD cameras (1080p 30fps)
  • Can record single 1080p 30fsp view or dual 720p 30fps views
  • Small case, lightweight, low power draw
  • LCD displays real time camera views
  • Rugged quick disconnect mounting bracket
  • Splashproof recorder. waterproof cameras
  • Variety of camera mounting options
  • Records to MicroSD cards, up to 128 gigs in size (approx 22 hours)
  • Records continuously in 15 min increments
  • Can record automatically when connected to power
  • Internal battery back up to cover power outages and to gracefully save recordings and shut down on removal of power
  • Internal accelerometer can be used to trigger G-force only (incident based) recordings.  Data can be extracted post recording.
  • Internal GPS receiver with external antenna.  GPS data can be extracted post recording.
  • External plug in micrphone
  • USB connection for connecting to a host computer
  • Powered by 5V DC.  Can operate from USB source, or using supplied cigarette lighter adapter, or optional vehicle 5V adapters
  • Can play back from recorder via HDMI or stream display to the HDMI output
  • Status LED

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