We specialize in providing a hands free rugged mobile solution. This makes us perfect for use on industrial equipment where you do not want to rely on the operator turning the recorder on or starting the recording. We can provide multiple camera view recorders. For example, a steel mill can use a 4 camera PDR Pro, with a camera on each “leg” of their steel moving crane. We can connect to other equipment via RS-232 or RS-485 and also via Internet and Wifi.

Place a ChaseCam recorder on your vehicle or equipment, set to automatically turn on, automatically record, and set to record continuously so it saves the previous 16 or 24 hours (or over 100 hours of high defintion video!). Any incident, or claimed incident, can be instantly reviewed on video (and data). No more “driver’s word vs their word.” Now you have proof.

Useful in training, but more importantly for due diligence and legal protection. A small investment that can save you far more in legal expenses and court awards. Stop opportunistic law suits in their tracks. How can you operate in today’s litigious environment, with the potential for a large loss, without arming yourself with recording?

Our PDRs have been installed on more industrial cranes globally… than any other video recording system. Over 10,000 units used world wide.

Need custom data collection? We can do that. Want NMEA GPS data on the video? We can do that. Want to trigger based on gforce impacts? We do that. Want to record the GPS location of the vehicle? Yes, we do that. Need something else, please ask!

Please take at look at our latest offering, the PDR Pro