Long Recording

For those looking for a rugged video recording solution, we have the answer. If you are running the Baja 1000. If you are doing Dakar. If you are doing Gumball. Who wants to spend the time swapping SD Cards? Who wants to make sure you turn the recorders on? That you remembered to recharge the batteries? That you pushed record?


Lexar_Dakar_281 slr-rodeodrive2

The ChaseCam PDR PRO solves all of this!


Using an optional installed SSD, you can easily record to solid state drives up to TWO TERABYTES in size. Record hundreds of hours of HD video.

Set the unit to automatically record when on, or automatically record when moving, or when a speed is triggered, or external trigger.

Just set it and forget it. Spend your free time enjoying the journey and the nightlife. Not playing with your video system and juggling media cards.