ChaseCam was born from the military. Our company started when we became involved in the MX Missile program for BDM/Rockwell (video security system for the railcars). We saw the need for a solid state rugged recording device and the PDR100 was born. More than 10,000 installations later, we have developed our newer lines of products to support rocket and missile testing, ordinance testing, ground surveillance, and mobile recording.

Need to record out on patrol, with GPS data? Want to record the NMEA data on screen? We have the perfect solution. Needs hands free operation to always record the data? Yes, we do that. Need custom firmware to communicate with other onboard electronics? Talk to us. We do that.

ChaseCam products are designed to be rugged and withstand the military environments. We have been tested by NASA as being able to withstand (and still operate) 97G impacts! We have been supply the Army, Navy, and Air Force with products since 2003.