ChaseCam was developed for motorsports. Our very beginning was in military video, but our personal interest in motorsports had us putting our background in military electronics together with my hobby and ChaseCam was created. Until this time, most video was being done by tape recordings on camcorders that were getting beat to death, and were bulky and hard to mount. We pioneered the solid state recorder with a remote camera head around 2002. We went on to much success in various racing venues and selling to many racing teams and organizations.


We have since moved into other markets, but that does not mean we have left our own passion, motorsports. We have the products for you if you want dual HD camera recording, picture in picture, splitscreen images, and data overlays. We can record GPS track mapping, speed, sensor inputs, gforces and more. We talk to various ECUs and other sources of data via CAN or RS-232. We invented the hands free video system when we were the official cameras for V8Supercars and World Challenge. Others soon copied us.

We invented the onboard supercap back up for video protection in case of power drops. Others followed.

Now we can do multiple HD cameras, record to various media and internal SDD. We have wifi links. Real time data overlays. And more. With over 10,000 systems in the field, we have leveraged off of our experience of what works, and what does not… to develop our latest product, the PDR Pro