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Feb 27, 2011 ChaseCam announces the release of the DIVA HD and DIVA HD R

ChaseCam again sets the standards. The industry first fully synced HD video and data recording solution! The DIVA HD builds on our DIVA product line with a full 16:9 720p 60fps. Note, frames per second is the important component of quality video, not just resolution. In motorsports use, 720p 60fps will be superior to 1080p 30fps. The other component is a technical term called shutter speed and we at ChaseCam are proud of our new HD camera. Rock solid video in the industries smallest and lightest camera you can use.

The R version adds locking circular military connectors in a waterproof machined aluminum case. Contact the factory for availability. Our first batch of HD R units are going to the space agency NASA.


Sept 10, 2010 ChaseCam selected and tested by NASA for rocket drop testing

NASA needed a video recording system to document and monitor rocket drop testing. For better reliability, they selected ChaseCam’s PDR100 recorder.

The recorder was subject to nearly 100 Gs in shock and survived repeated testings. A real testament to our rugged design.

Oct 23, 2009 ChaseCam releases DashWare

DashWare is a revolutionary application that lets you integrate your data and video with professional looking, fully customizable gauges that take your project to a new level. A high-powered software system, DashWare lets you synchronize data and video to produce a professional presentation in a wide range of formats. From importing images of your own dashboard, to powerful gauge-generating tools, to shareable templates and gauges, DashWare allows your videos to keep pace with your imagination.

Dec 1, 2008 ChaseCam and Jay Leno

Jay Leno and ChaseCam Video

ChaseCam on 1955 Hagemann Jaguar Special Video

When the Big Dogs in the industry want the best in-car footage, they know where to go. ChaseCam is a proud sponsor of Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage race team and is now featured on Jay Leno’s In addition to using five of our Auto-Record systems on the team’s 1955 Hagemann Jaguar Special for the Monterey Historic Automobile Races, you’ll find ChaseCam video being used throughout their road tests and editorials. From F1 to club racing, monster trucks to vintage racecars, airplanes, boats, military, and Hollywood film studios, ChaseCam leads the industry with our rugged, high-quality video recorders and cameras.


Sept 10, 2008 ChaseCam and Leno’s Big Dog Garage

When Jay Leno’s race team wanted to capture on-car footage of the 2008 Monterey Historic Automobile Races, they turned to ChaseCam. Utilizing our new AUTO-RECORD feature, we outfitted their 1955 Hagemann Jaguar Special with no less than five ChaseCam recorders and cameras all around the car. Each ChaseCam recorder and camera turned on, recorded, stopped recording, and turned off automatically, all weekend long.

The versatility of the ChaseCam system allowed the team to capture footage other systems, and even their professional film crew, simply couldn’t get. Inches above ground off the front and rear of the car, on the driver’s helmet, looking over his shoulder, and even hidden in the hood scoop! The on-car footage captured by ChaseCam will be used in an upcoming documentary that will be published on Jay Leno’s website:

May 5, 2008- ChaseCam introduces an industry first, total hands free operation!

ChaseCam recently developed a new and exciting AUTO-RECORD feature. The ChaseCam recorder can now be set to automatically boot up when the car is turned on (using the car’s 12V power) and then to record when the car moves. The user can set how much movement is required to trigger recording, from 0.13G to over 1G. You can easily set the recorder to not record when the car is moving about the grid, but as soon as you launch, the recording starts instantly! The user can also set how long the unit continues to record after coming to a stop.

This auto-record feature is available on ALL ChaseCam recorders with the GForce module (and we can upgrade existing systems to add the GForce module). The software update is free. The auto-boot feature is available on all newer PDRs and when combined with our new Supercap power supply, can be a total hands free experience! No more thinking about the video, you can just drive.

“The Chasecam auto-record worked awesome! Auto-powers on with the ignition switch and auto-starts with programmable g-force level. I never touched it except to pull out the flash card and it had all of our runs perfectly done.” -Fred Z

We are using this feature on all the SCCA SPEED World Challenge cars, so that the racing organizers don’t have to worry about making sure the video is recording. Now it works, every time. Simple.


Nov 4, 2007- ChaseCam breaks records at SEMA

In 2007, SEMA was great for us here at ChaseCam. Our GForce Module was awarded a record-breaking 18 “BEST NEW PRODUCT” Global Media awards at SEMA. No company had previously won that many New Product Awards. Thank you to our international media that voted for us!