ChaseCam has been working on developing the ultimate, feature rich, rugged video and data recorder. Switching to newer technology has allowed us to focus on developing a more powerful unit at a less expensive price (smaller and less expensive). This has also delayed our development. We have chosen to first bring our simpler Dual Video Recorder to market first (shipping October 2017). The PDR Pro is now targeted for a late 2018 launch. We apologize for the delays.

This unit replaces the PDR and the DIVA and offers many new features for a broad range of markets. The quick snapshot is that the PDR Pro has designed in more rugged, water resistant, high definition, multiple camera, long recording times, built in SSD and removable media, WiFi connection and more.  We plan on developing some custom accessories over the next year, so stay tuned for that.

If you are a present customer, our business philosophy has always been to reward our earlier adopters and not punish them.  We offer a generous trade up policy. This includes customers who own PDRs, DIVAs, and DVRs.

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Dual Camera

Single Camera

Recorder Mounting Bracket

Single camera enclosure with replaceable protective glass lenses


Detailed information:




Rugged, built in shock resistance

Water and Dust Resistant.  Rated to IP67

Locking front panel

4 video inputs for D1/960H/AHD 720p simultaneous recording and playback (supports splitscreen and picture-in-picture)

4 ways AHD 720p & 1 way 1080p HD (IP camera) camera full frame recording

H.264 image compression. NTSC and PAL.   PAL is 100fps @ 720p AHD.  8 levels of image quality available.

Internal power back up for ~8 seconds to protect recording during power loss

Connectivity:  Built in 3G/4G network and optional WiFi (connector for external WiFi 5.8GHz antenna)

GPS built in

Internal accelerometer built in

2.5″ SSD capacity optional, up to two terabytes supported

Removable SD card, supported to 128GB

RS-485 and RS-232 connectors

Wide 8-36V DC voltage range

Wide temperature range, operating -25 deg C to +70 deg C

Graphical On Screen Display with remote control

4 channels of alarm output

Field upgrade through network or through SD card

RJ-45 connector for use with IP camera

170mm x 142mm x 50mm