Terms and Conditions

We try to not need a bunch of legal words to tell you the way we operate. We operate under a simple policy of just doing the right thing.


Privacy Policy

We treat our customers with the same consideration we would like to be treated. All your customer data is never given out to anyone else. We cross shred all sensitive paperwork. We never share contact information. We never sell emails. We use a secure server for any customer information. We do not save credit card information, it is destroyed, so please excuse us as we will ask for it again on subsequent orders.



We try to ship out as fast as possible, but understand that many items are built to order. If you need something in a hurry, please let us know. Please do not assume we can ship out your order the same day it was placed. Unless otherwise instructed, we will select the best value shipping method using USPS or UPS. Please do not assume that a UPS Ground shipment will arrive the next day because you are located close to our factory. We do not use our shipping costs as a profit center, our goal is only to not lose money on shipping. If we are shipping internationally, you will be responsible for your own import taxes and fees.



All of our products ship with a simple 90 days guarantee of satisfaction. If the product does not do what you want it to do, you can choose to return it (you are responsible for postage). We will happily refund your purchase price (less shipping) as long as the product is in perfect condition. If the product is scratched or marred from use, then we will discount the refund to match our costs. We will happily repair any defect in parts or workmanship for 6 months from date of order. We do not cover user caused damage, such as water damage, or impact, or fire.



Please use our RMA form and send the unit back. We would appreciate a short explanation why the unit is not suitable for you as we are always working to improve.



Please fill out the RMA form and send the unit back to us. If you need it back in a certain time frame, let us know. Some repairs will take a long time as our technician is old and slow. He is good. But watching him work is like watching paint dry. So let us know if you are in a hurry. There are typically 20 repairs in the process at any given time. We have over 10,000 recorders in the field being abused.