Trade In Program

ChaseCam values existing customers!

We are offering a trade in program where you can send us your system and will apply a credit to the purchase of a new system (either the Dual Video Recorder or the PDR Pro when it is released).

Credit Item
$150 PDR100 (non-working)
$200 PDR100 (working)
$50 Bullet camera (non-working)
$50 Bullet camera (working)
$200 Diva SD System (non-working)
$250 Diva SD System (working)
$250 Diva HD System w/camera(non-working)
$300 Diva HD System w/camera (working)

Notes: We are not offering credits for accessory items as it would be too involved. Credits can be combined up to a maximum of $400 to one new system.
You can handle this two different ways.

Send in your credit items to ChaseCam and we will receive those items, test them, and apply a credit to your account which you can use. Use this form. We will contact you once we have the items and they are tested. You can then place an order for the new system and will be charged the difference (new system minus your credit).

Place an order for the new system at full price and then send in your system (use this form). Once we get and test your items, we can issue a credit to your credit card, or send a check to you for the amount.