Small known fact: ChaseCam was started designing video systems for rail use.


Useful in training, but more importantly for due diligence and legal protection. A small investment that can save you far more in legal expenses and court awards. Stop opportunistic law suits in their tracks. How can you operate in today’s litigious environment, with the potential for a large loss, without arming yourself with recording?

We have been supplying trains, buses, and taxis for years.

How are we different than our dash mounted camera competition? You own the equipment, you own the videos. No monthly fees. No royalties. One of our major competitors records a few seconds before any major gforce trigger and then something like 20 seconds after. This is uploaded to a server. We think this is flawed. Why? Because many incidents happen without a gforce trigger. Someone claiming your driver cut them off? Someone claiming your driver hit them? Something that a passenger did or said your driver did? All of these can happen without a gforce trigger and what happened two minutes before and two minutes after may be even more important.

With the ChaseCam, record continuously. Save the last 8 or 16 or 50 or even 100 hours! All date and time stamped. Multiple camera views and all in High Defintion. All with GPS and Gforce also. So easy to scroll back to a time, or to a location, or to an incident! You have ALL the video. And totally hands free. You can place a camera forward facing and one rear. Or perhaps add in an interior cockpit. Or one on each side of the vehicle. Or even 4 to cover all the corners!

We have sold systems to trains that place a single camera on the front. Verify proper signaling, crossing guards, etc. Verify speed. Protect yourself.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in your equipment. Much more in your legal exposure. Having video equipment can be an incredible bargain.

Please check out the features of our latest offering, thePDR Pro