Useful in training, but more importantly for due diligence and legal protection. A small investment that can save you far more in legal expenses and court awards. Stop opportunistic law suits in their tracks. How can you operate in today’s litigious environment, with the potential for a large loss, without arming yourself with recording?

Useful for charter boats, fishing boats, rental boats. Document what really happened!

For charter fishing boats, offer your customer the experience of reliving and sharing his experience when he or she gets back home. A simple hands free operation that is always recording multiple cameras, can capture the hook up from different angles. An easy way to generate profit from video sales, while offering you legal documentation at the same time.

For racing craft… off shore racing, this is the way to create great video of the experience, for fans and marketing. Use picture in picture feeds or split screens, showing the forward view and one of the cockpit! For Thunderboats, use a forward facing camera for when cockpit vision is obscured. We pioneered this ten years ago with tail mounted cameras!

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